Die Plates

We are your best source for extrusion pelletizing die plates.

We provide accurate evaluations on returned die plates and offer the best repair options to suit your needs.  One of our greatest strengths is communicating with our customers to provide “common sense” solutions to keep  processing lines running. 

Each new or repaired die will be custom designed per application to minimize wear and maximize life and performance.

D&B Technologies rebuilds and provides new replacement die plates for Gala, BKG, Crown / CDL, Beringer, and other manufacturers. 

Other available repairs include bake outs, grinding the hard face flat and true (for better pellet cut and increase die face and blade life), removing obstructions from extrusion holes, repairing heater holes, enlarging die holes, and pressure reduction modifications to increase throughput and reduce melt shear.

Our standard hard face designs include various solid, sectional, and round tiled carbide grades.

We offer thicker hard faces, providing more material to re-grind resulting in more overall run time on the die and blades.

D&B’s Quality Assurance:
We inspect and photograph each package prior to shipment.